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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Not ready for Prime Time

Well I lost my cell phone on a call a few weeks ago so I decided to purchase a new phone. Cingular was out of stock on the Razor and the Slvr, so I settled on the LG CU320 UMTS phone.
At first glance this looked to be a good phone. It uses Cingular's new high speed data network (UMTS), and is able to access Cingular Video (CNN, The Weather Channel, HBO, etc). It is not the smallest phone in the world, nor is it the lightest, but it has a sharp, bright, clear LCD screen, a "slider" design for the keypad keeping the keys locked when in the down position, and a built-in MP3 player. It has all of the other standard features you would expect on a phone, such as bluetooth, MP3 ringtones, and Java support. In addition, there is a MicroSD slot on the side for 512MB memory card to store MP3 files.

Good data speeds Good video quality

Cingular Video and MP3 player do not work with the Bluetooth headset
Inconsistant call connections and quality
Poor battery life

I have had it with the phone after two weeks and I'm going to return it and get something different. The phone refuses to make calls randomly, drops calls on a regular basis, and generally just does not perform well. Battery life is poor, and the phone needs to be charged every night even with minimal to moderate use during the day.

I'll just stick with Motorola and get a Razor.