911 use, misuse, and abuse

Sunday, November 27, 2005


That is the amount that the lawyers are going to receive as part of the Netflix settlement - 2.5 Million Dollars.  If you are or were a Netflix user you will get a free month of the next higher service, but the Law Offices of Adam Gutride and Seth Safier each get over $1,250,000 for the trouble of shopping a class action suit. 

Am I the only person who things that this is beyond ridiculous?  Let’s also not forget where this 2.5 Million Dollars will come from – all Netflix users.  For the full details of the court settlement, click here or visit the Netflix website.  The financial stuff is on page 13 of the 50 page document.



So, according to my e-mail I keep adding people to my Paypal account, I need to verify my Chase Manhattan (or USAA Bank, or Southtrust Bank) accounts, and I keep visiting illegal websites.  Now as hard as it is to believe, I know that people fall for the Phishing scams – and I think that the latest W32.Sober may be a great bit of social engineering – but lets get real!  You didn’t suddenly inherit 250 Billion dollars from some oil explorer, and if you are stupid enough to visit a web site and give your name, address, social security number, date of birth, phone number, credit card number (with verification code) and ATM PIN number you really deserve everything that happens to you.


What really gets me steamed about all of this is my ATM card was cloned, along with my PIN and almost $1,500 was removed from my bank account.  Now, I don’t write my PIN down, I don’t give my PIN to strange people, and I’m always careful about the ATM machines that I use.  All worked out well, however, and Wells Fargo refunded all of the money within a few days.  So a word of warning – if this could happen to me, it can happen to you!


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Another Friday night in the Valley

Well, here it is, 04:30 in the morning and I got home late due to an Alpha (no lights, no siren) 30 minutes before our time to head back to the station. Oh well, the 1.5 hours of overtime will be nice, especially since I worked yesterday (double time). Nothing exciting today, just your average calls. A car accident (two), abdominal pain (twice), some calls with Metro for assaults.

I tried to study today, but I am feeling very unmotivated. The end of the semester is approaching and my 4 day a week, 12 hour a day + 3 days in school schedule is taking it's toll. I have a test this week in my Sociology class which should be easy, a Spanish oral presentation coming up, which will be hard, and my final English papers due.

I also need to get my new class schedule setup, and I need to decide how many classes I'll be taking. I'm set on SPAN-112, ENG-102, and MATH-096, but I may try to add one more class into the mix. On top of this, my work schedule may be changing with a mass shift bid next month. Well if work conflicts with school, I'll just need to drop to part time at work.

Shameless plug time!

Sirius Satellite Radio

I never would have thought that I would pay money for radio in my car, however I have been a very loyal Sirius listener for 1 ½ years now. Commercial free music, news, sports (especially the NFL), comedy, entertainment – whatever you want is available. Being able to listen to Jewelz Lopez on weekends also helps a lot! I picked Sirius because of football – I can listen to every game and I can hear the home team broadcast, so I get a little piece of Philadelphia (94.1 WYSP) whenever my Eagles are playing.

Just what are you guys at Sirius thinking with the S50? $300+ and I can only listen to pre-recorded content when using it as a portable device. Come on, XM has a portable unit that receives live satellite feeds, so why can’t you?

I guess this is enough for tonight – time to get some sleep and head back to work at 14:00 tomorrow. Someone needs to keep Vegas safe…

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving spent with friends and loved ones.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hopefully something new

If all goes well, this entry will be posted to blogspot as well as my Yahoo! 360.  Since I make most of my entries from my Dell Axim x50v while at work and e-mail them, I should be able to easily maintain both blogs with a minimum amount of effort.


Yesterday was a decent day – sat at post for almost 4 hours before getting our first call.  Ended up with 4 calls and 3 cancels.  The only “serious” call was a possible broken hip, our others were the run of the mill 911 calls.


My new student is doing okay, but not great.  I’ll be making a decision today, but if he has a decent day, he should be okay to move into special events.


That’s all for now – hopefully my entries will start coming more regularly!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

OpenOffice Software

Enough of my rants on 911 calls - how about something positive for a change.

I have recently started using OpenOffice as a replacement for Microsoft Office and all I can say is how impressed I am! One of this features that I like the best is the ability to create PDF files. I used this during one of my on-line classes to e-mail my instructor a document formatted the way I wanted it to be. Now if they would just add the ability to edit PDF files that would be perfect.

Finally, an easy to use office suite with cross platform compatibility - and best of all it is FREE!

A wonderful Start

Saturday, October 22

First call of the day is for a 17 y/o short of breath, delta level
response. Get there to find our patient (in no distress) has a spider
bite, took the bus to her grandmother's house, THEN called 911 for a
ride to the hospital. To make this better, her mother will be driving
from work to the hospital.

Didn't get much better after this call. With the weather turning
colder, we are starting to get an increase in calls from the homeless
for a ride to the hospital.