911 use, misuse, and abuse

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's been too long!

Well, it has been one month since my last entry & A LOT has been going on with me. I became a preceptor, got a student, and lost my preceptorship one week later because some minor incident at work. Whatever, I didn't get paid more to teach.

School started this week, so now I need to balance my 48 hour work week with 10 credits - or about 30 study hours!

If it wasn't for school, I would have headed down to New Orleans to volunteer. They needed a 30 day commitment, which I couldn't give right now. If anyone went down to help, post your experience here.

That's all for now, back 2 the books!

Saturday 8/6

Waited for 2 1/2 hours for our first call today, and got a code 3 for chest pain (10D). Got on scene to chaos, people everywhere with one person claiming to have medical knowledge. Finally found our chest pain patient - she stopped taking her anxiety meds 3 days ago & is now tachipnick, weak & dizzy.

Here is something typical of Las Vegas - waiting in the hospital hallway. We had a possible CVA, with left sided numbness, and the hospital had us wait over 1 hour before we could off-load our patient onto a hospital gurney. I wish I could say this is unusual, but we can spend over 25% of our shift waiting w/ our patients.

Last call of the night is a 6-D, breathing difficulty - highest level response. We get on scene to find someone with a migraine who want a ride to the hospital, but not with her boyfriend who follows us in his own car!